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As an owner-operator, I firmly believe that my unwavering commitment to continual learning and the conscientious development of my business underpin the delivery of an exceptional service to our valued clientele.

With an extensive track record spanning over a decade in the realm of professional customer service, I have adeptly fostered the growth of my team members while fostering a harmonious work-life equilibrium. When it comes to housekeeping services, we proudly consider ourselves to be among the most highly skilled professionals. We uphold a profound commitment to 'intentional action,' whereby every task is executed with meticulous care and precision.

Since our establishment in November 2020, we have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous clients across the Gorge, enhancing their living spaces and improving their overall well-being. Allow us the opportunity to extend this same dedication to creating a happier and healthier home for you as well.

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Testimonial by Deanna Debara

"I've been working with Gorge Gals Cleaning  for over two years now, and I have been nothing but impressed with both their professionalism and their quality of work. Not only do Mysty and her team get the job done (and get it done extremely well!), they are also a pleasure to work with—which is an important element when someone is working in your home. We completely trust them with our home (and our dogs!); I can't recommend them highly enough! If you get the opportunity to work with them, DO IT."

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