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The Essence of Being a Home Services Provider

What does it mean to be a Home Services Provider? I often ponder this question, but it has always been difficult for me to put the idea from pen-to-paper. Often times, it is doing just the standard basics that we were hired to do; clean the toilets, scrub the counters, wash the windows.

But when I truly look at what we do inside of peoples homes, I realize that it is so much more than that! It's helping a mom babysit their two year old son for a few minutes while they get ready to pick up their other son from daycare. It's browsing Amazon for birthday gifts to bring to our client, because we value our clients and want them to feel how special they are. It's canceling all of our work for the day because our client got bad news from their doctor and they need someone to stay with them and comfort them. We are more than just the people who clean your home and tend to your garden... We are your babysitters, and your pet snuggler's, but most of all we are your friends and confidants. We encourage you, just like you encourage us, and we hope that we bring as much light and love into your home, as we take with us after having a joyful visit with you.

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