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  • Using a Blue Towel and blue toothbrush (blue towels and brushes are only for toilets) wipe down all parts of the toilet including the sides, base, and the flooring around. If possible remove the toilet seat lid.


  • Scrub inside the toilet bowl with clients provided toilet brush using dawn dish soap, or bleach if necessary. Use the Blue Toothbrush to scrub the holes where water comes out. Use pumice stone to scrub build up/rings inside the toilet bowl.


  • Use Blue Towel to wipe down walls and baseboard around the toilet.


  • Scrub shower walls, including trim of the shower(above shower head). Use white toothbrush to clean grout, molding, etc.


  • Using a Scrub Daddy and our Power Scour, scrub the flooring of the shower, rinse thoroughly, and then dry using squeegee and rags.


  • Clean shower nozzle, and faucet, remove as much hard water stains as possible.


  • Clean all bottles and the shelving underneath bottles, soap, razors, etc. Replace items neatly.


  • Remove hair from the shower and sink drains using a drain snake, if necessary.


  • Clean sliding glass door track free of mold.


  • Clean shower glass doors inside and out using a dry cloth and Sprayway Glass Cleaner.


  • Clean light fixtures that sit above sinks and counters.


  • Clean countertops and any shelves; usually above the toilet and sinks.


  • Lift all items off of the sink counter and clean behind and underneath, replace all items clean and neatly.


  • Wipe down all cabinet fronts and handles. Check top edge of drawers for build up.


  • Scrub sink, sink faucet, including the screen and drain lining, use white toothbrush as needed. Dry fully.


  • Polish any stainless steel.


  • Any Finished Steel wipe down with dry cloth until it is shiny and has no water spots.


  • Use Sprayway Glass Cleaner on Mirrors LAST and check for spots at all angles including checking with the lights off.

Living Areas and Bedrooms

  • Complete high-dusting first; Cobwebs in high windows, corners, fans, vents and light fixtures.


  • After high-dusting, dust all major surfaces with microfiber cloth; All non cluttered shelving, tables, side stands, leather or wood furniture, window sills.


  • Dust picture frames(make sure to hold frame while cleaning)


  • Clean all high touch surfaces with spray and cloth; light switches, door knobs, door frames, chairs, tables, and cabinets.


  • Check lower surfaces for dust, and wipe down with spray; bottoms of chairs, tables, side stands, shelving.


  • Wipe down window frames and tops of sliding windows.


  • Use lightly damp rag to clean baseboards, if mostly clean, can use dry mop.


  • Lift all the small throw rugs, shake outside, and leave to the side of the floor.


  • Lift cushions of couches and chairs, vacuum crumbs or dirt.


  • Vacuum tops of upholstery, shake and fluff pillows, replace in a neat fashion. 


  • Lift any items on non-cluttered shelving or tabletops and dust underneath and behind, including the item you lift.


  • Fold any blankets left out and neatly arrange on the couch or put into nearby baskets.


  • Vacuum including edges, use hose to get along baseboard edges and into corners. Move small furniture as needed, to get underneath. Mop before replacing the furniture.

  • Mop all hard flooring including under tables, chairs, beds, etc.


  • Clean all windows as needed including glass doors and door windows with a squeegee.


  • Replace all rugs in their original location. 


  • After mopping, walk through each area with hand vacuum and check corners, edges and especially around rugs for any debris left behind.


  • Top edges of shelving wiped.


  • Cabinet faces and backsplash wiped down.


  • Lift all counter-top items, clean items, wipe  counters underneath and replace.


  • Make sure to get corner edges for crumbs. (underneath)


  • Inside of Microwave, doors wiped out and tray cleaned. (Check underneath)


  • Oven doors cleaned including edges of doors.


  • Hood of stove including drip trays cleaned. (remove drip trays if necessary)


  • Sink scrubbed including drain and any rubber seals pulled out and checked for build-up underneath.


  • Dishwasher opened and wiped out; door, edges and buttons, filter pulled out and thoroughly cleaned.


  • Exterior of fridge cleaned and polished.


  • Wipe down underneath over hanging cabinets and underneath cabinets by baseboards.


  • Polish any stainless steel: Sinks, faucets, dishwashers, microwaves, oven doors, fridges, toasters/oven, espresso machines.


  • Check drawers. Vacuum out excessive crumbs and wipe down inside edges.


  • Remove Trash, if full.


Cleaning Checklist

Here at Gorge Gals, we take great pride in our work. When cleaning your home, we clean (almost) everything. That's why we provide our cleaning checklist to our prospective clients!

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